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Wall 17

Click on the two areas of text for clos0e-ups; clicking here will give you a larger photo of the wall.

Two short sections of text are all that remain on this wall. According to the German Egyptologist Kurt Sethe, they are parts of a hymn to Osiris. The pale grey-blue colour of the text is similar to but stronger than that of the biography on wall 12.

The wall is difficult to reconstruct due to the present lack of parallels. If indeed it is a hymn to Osiris, then it would be logical that to the left would be found a figure of that deity, with an image of Senneferi adoring him.

Note that the top of this wall is not level (it is not the photograph!); the evident explanation for this (which can be seen from interior photographs of the room) is that the painters of the tomb endeavoured to make the kheker frieze on this wall join those at the north ends of walls 16 and 18, which were not at quite the same height above the floor.

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