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Wall 12

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The biography of Senneferi takes up the left hand part of this wall. To the right of it is a figure of Bes. This is perhaps the first example of a figure of this deity, associated with fertility, sex, and many other things, in a tomb. To the right is a figure of a woman almost certainly making a bed, and so we should put together the erotic and other associations of beds and Bes. This is an example of the subtle eroticism of Egyptian tomb art. Click on the image below to see an enlarged version.

The biography is painted in very faint hieroglyphs, and does not show up terribly well in an enlarged photograph or even a detail. So below you will find a low-resolution scan of our facsimile drawing of the main biographical text. You'll notice that the text is broken at the bottom of each column, and thus part of the sense of it is lost. The translation follows the drawing below.

Clicking on the drawing will link to a medium resolution version of the drawing of the whole wall. Be warned: it's 4000 x 2000 pixels. Click here to learn how we do facsimiles.

Biography of Senneferi


He says: I made my first office when I was the mouth which is over ? ///

sleep did not [come (to)] my eyes. I fulfilled my orders for my superiors and I opened ? ///

overseers of the storehouses were under my supervision, for I was wise, I was knowing, I was excellent /// [My second office was]

overseer of the seal. I was brought to Thebes, the Southern Heliopolis, and I was placed as overseer of the two granaries, and (I) received millions of ///

their dues as the SAyt taxes of their cities and as the Htr taxes of counting [annually] ///

doing maat. One thanked the god for me. My third office was HAty-a and overseer of priests of Sobek and of Anubis ///

Thebes as chief of the HAty-a and as overseer of the fields of Amun. I built ///

for him of Nubt who dwells in (or, foremost of) Upper Egypt, and for all the gods of that nome. I did everything they favoured for the good of the l.p.h. of [the king of Upper and Lower Egypt Menkheper]re ///

(I) made holy the time of the god, being a possessor of gold and many precious stones ///

I endowed this mountain with [a tomb] ///

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