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Wall 14

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Wall 14 is rather badly damaged, but consists as we see it now of the top of a large offering list. In the 18th dynasty such lists usually appear as part of the offering ritual; below the (two or three) rows of compartments of names of ideal food and drink for the deceased would be a series of priests making offerings and also reciting spells for the deceased. Here's a detail of the list.

In many ways the most important part of this wall is that at the right, where it is badly damaged. Here would have sat a figure of Senneferi. However, what is particularly interesting is that traces of hieroglyphs at the top right of the wall suggest that the people in this scene might have included Senneferi's parents Haydjehuty and Satdjehuty. The drawing below shows the remains of text and a possible reconstruction.

The ibis hieroglyph is reconstructed as part of the name of Haydjehuty because of the signs following. The vulture hieroglyph forms the word for 'mother' and so I reconstruct the name of Satdjehuty at the right.

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