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Pillar A, East face

Senneferi is here shown receiving greetings and offerings from his family and craftsmen (= those who built the tomb and would thus be grateful to him for employment) on the occasion of a number of festivals.

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Drawing (60k)

Left-hand text:

Right-hand text:

Seeing the greetings brought by his wife, children, brothers, and craftsmen on the day of the New Year festival and the Neheb-kau festival, on the day of the first of the year, the appearing of Sopdet, by the iry pat, haty-a, the beloved semer, the official to whom the heart is opened, one great of praise in the house of the king, who reaches old age excellently in that office, the mouth which holds forth in the whole land, the overseer of sealbearers, [Senneferi, justified].

Presenting of gifts by his wife, his beloved, the lady of the house Taiamu. She says: 'for your ka setji-heb, heknu, and nudj oils of the tombs in this your thousand of years which the lord [=Amun-Re] has ordained for you. May you be in your house of the living and enjoy yourself there.

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