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Wall 6

Wall 6, that to the right of the main entrance, is rather badly damaged, and the area in the photograph is all that remains of the decoration.

The upper part of a figure of the tomb-owner is preserved here. Around his neck is a collar consisting (from the left) of a thin yellow band, a thicker green band, a thin red band, then another green band. His wig is blue, and the triangular segments of the wig are formed in high relief, composed of blue pigment (this practice turns out to be known in other tombs of the same era not far from TT99). The figures to the left of this are shown taking part in a weighing scene. Some red paint from the face overlaps the wig at the bottom. Immediately below the text about to be described is the top of a cleft stick held by Senneferi; from the position of this relative to the tomb-owner's head I presume he was shown standing.

Above his head are the remains of two texts in short columns:

1 Seeing the chamber [of?]
2 opening their faces and opening
3 their hearts and giving free path
4 to him for their arms
5 by the iry pat
6  haty-a overseer of the seal, Senneferi, true of voice

At the left of the surviving area are parts of a weighing scene. The centre-post of the balance is probably white outlined in black; to the left of it a yellow string hangs down with a blue-black plumb-bob on it. The beam of the balance is white with a few red vertical lines on it. The end is splayed, although not exactly into a finial, and from this hang down three white ropes with the fibres indicated by the use of red. The bottom of the pan is visible, and it contains a gold ring. Just below the plumb-bob is the hand of the man in charge of the balance. Four left-facing men survive to the right

To the right are a pair of scribes in layer depiction, who wear normal short kilts; traces of their wigs indicate that they might have been coloured blue. Their right hands are held before them holding reed pens with which they write on an angled piece of papyrus in their left hands. Tucked under the left arm of one of the figures is a white scribal palette with two inkwells.

Presumably the whole scene showed the deceased inspecting some form of produce, perhaps items related to the treasury in which he worked.

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