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Pillar A, South face

pillar as

This face bears an extremely faint text, often visible only through the brushstrokes which have left a mark (and little colour) on the plaster. I include a drawing above as this is clearer; a large photo may be found by clicking on the image. The hieroglyphs in the first column at the right are clearly coloured red (sketch colour?), suggesting that the others are basically the same colour faded to a very pale pink. I consider there is room for four now destroyed columns of text to the left.

1     Returning to earth [to see the sun disc when it opens up
2     the two mountains [of aHAwty tAwy by]
3     the (titles) ///

The last three columns presently make little sense.

We are probably justified in restoring the 'Returning to earth' formula as on Pillar B north, which begins in a similar fashion, and the presence of the hill hieroglyph at the top of column 2 suggests that further cautious restorations can be made from the said pillar. The first text column as thus reconstructed would seem to be about the same length as the complete column on Pillar AE.

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