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Pillar B, North face

pillar bn

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The north face of pillar B has quite a different appearance to the other sides of these pillars. The hieroglyphs are much larger, and much more crudely painted. Our theory is that it was painted either by an inferior craftsman, or perhaps by an apprentice.

The principal decoration on this face is a painted hieroglyphic text in eight columns occupying the whole width of the pillar face. Just below the bottom of column 5 can be seen the top of the head of Sennefer, down to the hair line. His hair colour was probably originally blue but it is now very patchy. There are some unclear traces which could belong to a grid but are not measurable. The length of a column of text is roughly the same as on the adjacent Pillar BE.

The text before the titles can be reconstructed from a parallel in ceiling text 9 of the passage of this tomb. The text is as follows:

'Returning to earth to see the sun disc when it opens up the two mountains of aHAwty tAwy by the iry [pat], haty-a, seal-bearer of the king of Lower Egypt, companion great of love, the mouth of the king of Upper Egypt and the ears of the king of Lower Egypt, the one who is in the heart of the of perfect god, the overseer of the gold lands of [Amun], the royal herald, the overseer of seal-bearers Sen[neferi, true of voice], begotten of the official [Haydjehuty, true of voice].'

The text refers to Senneferi coming forth from the tomb to see the sun disc when it shines on the 'two mountains of aha-tawy'. This is all part of the wish for the dead to come back to life and reenter daylight. As well as the wishes to be with Osiris in the next world, there is also the wish for an afterlife in which the sun plays a part, and this text refers to this.

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