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Wall 15, above Niche

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At the west side of the rear room is a niche, presumably for a statue of the tomb-owner. Above it is this scene of two back-to-back figures of Senneferi offering each to a recumbent Anubis jackal on a shrine. Scenes like this are not uncommon either in this location or over another doorway in a tomb.


Senneferi stands at the right of this sub-scene facing left offering to a recumbent Anubis on top of a shrine. He wears a black wig (now grey), and a broad collar of blue and green bands, with a green petal pattern at the outside (see other figure for a better-preserved example); his right hand is held above the two right-hand oval loaves on the offering table and his left hangs behind him, clasping the usual piece of cloth. A short beard is shown on his chin. He wears a short white kilt with a long white over-kilt, so that the flesh of his legs below the short kilt shows through as if pink. The kilt has a pink waistband. Above Senneferi, extending over the offering before him, is a text in five columns.

"Making an 'offering which the king gives', offering all doubly pure things to Anubis imy-wt by the overseer of seal-bearers Senneferi".


This scene is broadly a mirror of that just described. The wedjat eye is not so well preserved; the Anubis is still blue, but a much darker shade so that parts of it might pass for black. The beginning of the blue platform on which the Anubis shrine stands is visible at the left.

Senneferi again presents offerings to Anubis. His figure is slightly better preserved than the other but is dressed in the same manner. The black of the wig is much better preserved; his right hand is held across his body with the hand above a round loaf in the pile of offerings, and his left hand is before his thigh clasping the piece of cloth. There are traces of a small beard on his chin, and his collar is much clearer than in the other figure.

The text above him is again in five columns:

"Making an 'offering which the king gives', offering all good and pure things to Anubis, the powerful one of the gods by [the overseer of the seal] Senneferi, true of voice".

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