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Pillar B, East face

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This face bears a painted hieroglyphic text in at least eight columns. The only remaining trace of decoration below is the probable top of a lily just visible under column 4 of the text, probably pointing to the right. This suggests a scene of presenting flowers to the deceased, who would have been placed at the right, presumably seated. The height of these columns is very similar to those on Pillar AE. I estimate that four columns are lost at the left, and probably none at the right.

pillar be


The texts read as follows. Kurt Sethe's reconstructions have been inserted where appropriate:


1 The iry pat HAty-a seal-bearer of the king of Lower Egypt, Sole Companion, one established of
2  praise, greatly beloved, the unique one of Horus, who is in ///
3  who was promoted to be at the front of the rekhyt because of the greatness of his excellence in
4  the heart (of his lord), the one who enters bearing good things and exits bearing praise, the one who is in [the heart],
5 the one who is in the palace, the joy of ///,
6  the one who makes their words to ascend ///, [the mouth which makes (men) content]
7 in [the whole land…]


Only the tip of first sign of the right-facing text at the left is preserved, perhaps the beginnning of a word for 'greetings'.


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