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False door and stela

The false door

No traces of decoration were found in the Senneferi burial chambers. However, in the course of work outside the tomb, many hundreds of fragments of granite were found. It is likely that these came from a false door, of the type which would probably have been placed in the tomb, probably in the recess at the left wall of the front room (position 2 on plan). This was confirmed by the finding of a small fragment with the name of Senneferi. Another large fragment is shown below, although we cannot be certain that it was from this false door.

As recounted in the 2002 diary, a number of significant fragments of Senneferi's false door were located in the storage areas of TT96. Several of these bore his name, and it has been possible to begin a reconstruction of the original using Photoshop. Below is a current approximation of the ongoing jigsaw, with the construction lines I have used left in, as well as some copies from other monuments to give an idea of the layout of the central panel.

reconstructed FD

The stela

At the other end of the front room was probably a round-topped stela (position 5 on plan), and many fragments of such a stela in limestone were found in the tomb, which can be divided into two main groups, the relief scene at the top and a text in horizontal lines below. One possible fragment has been located in the excavations of TT29 by the Belgian Mission, and they have kindly shared the information with me. Below are the beginnings of a reconstruction with Photoshop. Current thinking is that it was a very elaborate stela with back-to-back images of the king at the top being attended on by Senneferi, and with at least one register of offering scenes and family members below.

reconstructed stela

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