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Front room--wall 2

In the centre of this wall is a rectangular recess bearing traces of plaster. From the traces of decoration about to be described and the shape, it has been concluded that this wall originally bore a granite false door--in this respect it functioned opposite the probable stela on the opposite wall (wall 5). Many fragments of this false door have been found, and this page considers the false door and stela.

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Traces of plaster are visible all over the remainder of the wall, but only at the very top is any decoration visible. The scene shows Senneferi and others offering to Anubis.

There is some poorly preserved decoration surviving at the top, indicating the presence of a number of figures over the top of the stela or false door. Parts are illustrated in the two images above. Sections of red line above separate them from a row of hieroglyphs; there were three texts, one running left and two right. The first visible element of decoration from the left is a green area above the middle of the stela, just below this red line. From then on to the right are the remains of the upper parts of a series of figures spaced at approximately 20 cm intervals: the top of the first male head may perhaps be Senneferi as it is taller than the others, and also appears just where that name is written in hieroglyphs above. The top of this head almost intersects with the section of red line above. To the right is the top of a sealed oil jar, and at the right end of the scene is the upper part of another male figure (black wig and eye visible) carrying another oil jar. At the right-hand side there is a column of hieroglyphs running down the wall, probably ending at the baseline on which the figures stood.

The scene over the top of the emplacement should be reconstructed as an offering scene of Sennefer before Anubis, and there are parallels over painted false doors. Some of these parallels have two representations of Anubis, but it would appear that there is only space here for one.

The text above this scene is unclear and badly damaged. Below this, visible to the right of the stela emplacement, is part of another line of hieroglyphs, presumably relating to a figure standing to the right of the stela.

Text 2

a. Top, left/// he who is in his wrappings, lord of Qerert [a term for Anubis], lord of ///
b. Top, centre     /// the overseer of the seal Senneferi, true of voice
c. Top, right     Uncertain
d. Right side     for the iry pat haty-a, overseer of the seal /// in accordance with the praises ...
e. Bottom     /// which is in the gods ///

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