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Pillar B, South face

pillar bs

At the top of this face of the pillar are parts of six columns of hieroglyphs; there are no remains of decoration below. This text appears to mirror that of Pillar AN. The likely length of the text is comparable to that of the other pillar faces.

This text is clearly very similar, almost certainly a mirror, to that on the north face of Pillar A, which of course faces it across the central isle of the shrine. That text also has part of an associated offering list preserved, which this one does not. The content of the first four columns of this text can be reconstructed from a largely parallel text from TT93, the tomb of Qenamun; in that tomb, a seated figure of Qenamun with offerings is shown below this text.

Working from TT93 suggests the following in TT99:

'Resting in the city of eternity, sitting in the tomb of his funerary estate, making forms like when he was on earth, stretching out the arm to partake of the things and receiving the offerings which came forth from the (divine) presence when the god was satisfied with his property/rites… of the first of the year festival in the horizon … resting his ka on the day …'

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