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Pillar B, West face

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Only the top 15 cm of this scene is preserved, but it shows the full width of the text in twelve columns, three facing right, and the remainder facing left. The text is only preserved as faint black colouration against the yellowed plaster. There are no traces of decoration below.

pillar aw

Left hand text:

1  The iry pat ///
2  he shall not be strong in ///
3   the lord of the two lands, the one who enters ////

Right hand text

This text is paralleled from a number of 18th dynasty tombs and the Saite chapel of Basa (TT389); the reconstruction given here is based on the most complete scene, retrograde in the tomb of Puyemre (TT39). Below the latter text, four women present menits (necklace counterpoises) and sistra before a seated figure of the deceased; both items are sacred to the goddess Hathor. A similar depiction should be reconstructed in TT99. This scene is an illustration of a rite in the Valley Festival, when it is performed by the singers of the temple of Amun.

'Words spoken: [(title and name) for your ka the sistra and men-], it [s of Amun in Dsr-Dsrw; take them to yourself and hold them to your nose, ] for [your lord Amun] has favoured [you, and you exist for millions (of years) in] his entourage, and [he] has established [life for you with him,] he has renewed the air for [your] nose, [and you shall endure like the sky, and your life shall be stable, and you shall repeat [youth like fresh water. ] You are pure [together with your ka through] Hapy [who comes forth from Osiris, and] 9 the gods and the horizons-dwellers [join together for you, and they shall place your ba among them (title and name)]'

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