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Pillar A, West face

pillar aw

The text on this pillar face is extremely faint, and is barely visible in a photograph, and thus I give a drawing above. To see a large photo, click on the drawing.

Here are found the upper parts of 10 columns of text. They may originally have been blue or black in colour but are now greyish with hints of red (from the sketch?); presumably they were never finished. There are no surviving traces of any further decoration. The scene is not easy to reconstruct, and the following is a partial translation of what survives. It seem to mention coming to various festivals.


1   A coming in peace ///
2  underworld, rests, which is upon earth, taking ///
3  festival of nekheb-kaw ///
4  mrHt oil of the ennead ///
5  the HAty-a, beloved sole companion ///
6   in ///


1  Dragging ? ///
2  (the festival of) nekheb-kaw ///
3  of the ennead ///
4  praise ///

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