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This is a simple interface into parts of the database of objects excavated from TT99. It is possible to search it on a variety of criteria. It is very important for a potential user to realise that this is very much 'raw data', more or less as it was entered in the field with some changes and improvements. It is just text, with no photographs or drawings. The idea is just to give the user a quick view into some of the types of data found in the tomb.

Comments may be sent to Nigel Strudwick (ncs3 [at] . In particular, contact him with any problems with the system, or requests for further information about the objects.


This page have an input form that is xss-exploitable. This means they could be hacked to retrieve information from the server or to install malicious code. It has been taken offline temporarily while an alternative is produce

We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.



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