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Quantity of finds

The approach to excavation which involves taking note of every small piece has resulted in a huge amount of finds coming from some of the contexts excavated. The history of excavation of Theban tombs has, up to the 1970s, been one of general disregard for anything which is not beautiful. Many tombs were cleared out between the end of the 19th century and about 1950, but we have almost no record of what was found, apart from a small number of objects in museums. The numbers of broken pieces of burials must have run into hundred and thousands, as our own work has shown. Some tables in a separate document summarise the quantities of material we have found. 

In addition an experiment has been made in putting the basic database of objects from the excavations into a searchable online form. Feedback is strongly encouraged.

Examples of objects

A wide range of different types of object have come to light. They fall into those with the original 18th dynasty burial and those of the later reuse, and we have divided them up here in that way. We must also note that there are objects of later date, as well as those the date of which is uncertain. The menus at the top of the pages are the preferred way of accessing these finds. Here are some of the main ones in the menus:

From the 18th dynasty burials
(and parts of the tomb):

From the Third Intermediate Period burials:

From the later use of the tomb 

Of uncertain date 

A table showing the number of objects of different types found so far.

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