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Stone vessels

Senneferi had in his burial a number of stone vessels, at least two of Egyptian alabaster and two of hard black stone, which contained probably oils and perfumes. One of the alabaster vessels (Vessel A) is shown here in fragments, after partial reassembly, and also in the reconstructed profile. This vessel bore the inscription "... the overseer of seal-bearers, Senneferi, true of voice". Below it is the partial reconstructed profile of the other alabaster vessel (Vessel B); both alabaster vessels contained substantial traces of residues, which, when they become warm in the sun, give off a very sickly perfumed smell.

Two lids were found which could have belonged to either kohl pots or larger vessels. One applicator for kohl was also discovered.

  • Vessel A fragments
  • Vessel A reassembled
  • Vessel A drawing
  • Vessel B drawing
stone vessel a
stone vessel a
stone vessel a
Content 4stone vessel b

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