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Statue fragments

Statues were placed in many Theban tombs. In many chapels, there are engaged statues cut somewhere in the tomb, but in TT99 there are none. There is, however, a statue niche at the rear of the tomb, although we have not yet found a statue which fits it.

A number of fragments of statues have been found. Some may have been placed in the tomb, but the lack of inscriptions on most makes their identity very uncertain.

For the statue of Amenhotep, our most spectacular find, click on this photograph: amenhotep small.

statue face statue torso

Face of sandstone statue with hand held under chin in a 'begging' gesture

Granite female torso

female statue statue shoulder

Head of a New Kingdom statue of a woman with a large wig. Perhaps from a statue group

Part of a pair statue: the shoulder of a man bearing a cartouche of Amenhotep II

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