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labelThe Dig Diary 1999--Part 6

Friday 17 December

For this day off we went to visit Deir el-Medina. After doing the temple and tombs, we went for a walk around the back of Sheikh Abdel Qurna, and visited the so-called 'Sankhkare temple', named so as it was thought to be a temple of the 11th dynasty successor to Nebhepetre Mentuhotep. No evidence of this attribution has been found, and a case was made in the early 1990s that it was actually the mortuary temple of Amenemhat I before he moved north to Lisht. Then on round the hill, where we ended up in the courtyard of the Middle Kingdom tomb of Dagi (TT103), which later became the Coptic monastery of Epiphanius. The inside of this tomb was occupied by a number of large bats, and going in there was like one of those horror films which has bats whooshing over your head!

Above the Great Pit at Deir el-Medina

The Graeco-Roman temple of Deir el-Medina

Cliffs near the 'Sankhkare temple'

The tomb of Dagi

Saturday 18 December

Things continue very much as last week. Gillian is going to be leaving for the UK on Monday morning, so today we spend much of the day after 9:00 preparing for and taking photos of the pots. In addition to acting as an important record, we hope that having such photos to hand will help us to impress on people that we have a major group of pottery here. This might help us to get money for the future! Here are a few of the images.

Next diary we'll tell you more about the conservation and about the objects.

An imported pilgrim flask

An Egyptian pilgrim flask

Two long-necked jars

The Hapy canopic jar

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