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labelThe Dig Diary 2000--Part 11

Wednesday 18 October

Today is Tony and John's last day, and they both work incredibly hard. John has to finish his notes and bag up all the fragments he has been examining so that I can put them away after he has gone. I note from my object database that we have more than 18,000 coffin and mummy case fragments.

Tony's main job is to finish the walls today, and then photograph whatever objects can be fitted in the time. He works very fast, rushing from wall to wall in the tomb with his camera.

Although the puppies have moved, we get a visit from mother dog today. She seems to remember that we are associated with food so comes up to see us. She's a very friendly dog, often sitting down in the tent outside with us.

Tony gets the walls done, and there is time to photograph objects. All working together, we make a big push and we get through everything which we aimed to do! Here you see the team in the tent encouraging him on.

We finish on time, and thus there is plenty of free time to have an easy lunch, get packed and then see Tony and John off to the airport. They've done a fantastic job here.

Thursday 19 October

The team is now down to four members, the fewest we've been all season. But that doesn't mean that the work rate drops, even though it has been a tiring and hectic week.

I begin by taking some photos of the papyri and shroud fragments which were conserved this season. Below you see a sample page of papyrus, and an overview of this year's shroud fragment.

While Helen draws outside, pottery drawing and sticking still continues, although we're almost there now. Here is a photo of a large offering stand which has been painstakingly put together. This sort of object might have supported an offering table or similar.

Still on pottery, we continue storing away the material which has already been processed. It takes four of us, with lots of trips up and down the ladder into the shaft, and we're all very dirty. A tiring end to a busy week.

Friday 20 October

Everyone is pretty tired today, so not a lot really is done. There is a short trip out in the morning to check a few things in some of the tombs of the Nobles, as we have done each Friday for the last month! The rest of the day we take it easy. Work is taking its toll...

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