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labelThe Dig Diary 2000--Part 9

Friday 13 October

A much needed day off. We went off almost en masse to have yet another look around the tombs of the Nobles. We visited TT295, 296 and 178 in Khokha, and then TT31, 51 and 343 in Sheikh Abdel Qurna, ending up with a quick look into Ramose. Helen went off separately to check up on the dogs in the tomb.

Saturday 14 October

Today we omitted to bring the digital camera, so there are fewer photos than normal. However, we did have the video along, and we have used video stills to record some of the objects Tony was photographing, and other things.

The object on the right is one of our enigmatic ones. It consists of various fragments of wood overlaid with gesso and then (rather unusually) a layer of papyrus painted green. Today we did manage to join some of the pieces together, as in this photo.

Amanda and Gillian drive the pottery effort along with a mixture of drawing and gluing. Helen drew more objects, and John worked on both the cartonnages and on the fragments of coffin from the burial of Senneferi. As we assumed, the latter material is very broken up, and a lot has been removed; thus it is not going really to be possible to reconstruct the coffins. John is removing the diagnostic pieces for photography and further study. This photo shows the wooden face of a 26th dynasty coffin of a woman found a number of years back and which Julie Dawson has cleaned. Here is a video of John at work (356k)

Today we opened up shaft B again at the back of the tomb. We need soon to start storing the pottery which is presently in the front room underground, and this shaft has the easiest shaft cover to remove. I took the opportunity to video the room, and from it I made this partial panorama. Note the substantial remains of the original blocking at the foot of the shaft at the left.

Sunday 15 October

Everything is continuing much as yesterday. John has moved on to looking at the other remaining material, mostly pieces of wood from the burial chamber of Senneferi, which are probably from coffins. He agrees with that initial diagnosis, and comments how little is left--it really does seem that the burial was smashed up a lot, if we look at how broken the pottery is and how damaged the coffins, shroud and papyri are. However, the fact that we are learning so much from this material shows what can be achieved with careful work.

Nothing dramatic in the Dog diary today, although we do have another dog video ready now (384k)...

Tony continued with photographing the objects. Today we did a real mixture of coffin fragments, pieces of statues etc etc. Here is a video of Tony at work

And Amanda finished sticking together this impressive amphora.

Today we were deluged (or so it seemed) with visitors. These included friends from London, Utrecht, Würzburg and Dallas. I included here this photo of Hiram and Susan from Dallas especially as I gather they have got engaged while in Egypt! We'd also like to say Hello to all our friends in ARCE North Texas, and hope we can see y'all again soon.

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