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numberThe Dig Diary 2000

TT99Feedback from the last two seasons in Thebes has been very positive. So here we go again for the last archaeological season we shall do in the second millennium.

Aim of this season

Like the 1999 season, this is a study season. In this, we hope to complete the run-through of all the material and make documentation of it for the publication. The great aim is to finish this year the fieldwork which we started back in 1992.

We leave for Egypt on 17 September, and hope to be in the tomb about 23 September. The first diary should be out shortly thereafter.

This year's team, in order of appearance, are: Nigel Strudwick, Helen Strudwick, Pamela Rose, Gillian Pyke, Amanda Dunsmore, Julie Dawson, Bridget Leach, John Taylor and Tony Middleton.

The Diary


Another incredibly successful season; I am putting a copy of the interim report online. OK, we did not finish the tomb completely, but most of the sub-projects are either finished or can be polished off in a week or so next year. Thanks to everyone who has been reading!

A link to this diary was spotted on the Discovery Channel web site.

Technical stuff

These pages are being prepared in Luxor on a Macintosh G3 Powerbook, using images taken with an Olympus D-600L digital camera. The images are manipulated in Photoshop, and Go Live is used for making the pages. We are also making some panoramas and are experimenting with digital video.

As last year, we are uploading the pages at the Osman shop in Geziret el-Bairat, on the West Bank. This year they are using a Luxor server; costs are in the region of LE7.50 per half hour. After the owner of the shop was extremely unpleasant to me, however, I am not sure I can recommend the shop any more. Everyone in Luxor has also noted that Internet access is much slower than last year, in particular the use of web-based email systems, like Yahoo or Hotmail.


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