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The Dig Diary 2000--Part 4

Thursday 28 September

Pottery: achievement of the day is to build up enough of one of the large silt storage jars that it will be possible to obtain a profile of one for drawing. The team posed with the result.

Later on in the morning, a further part of one of the canopic jar lids found in the burial of Senneferi was identified, this time the part of the stopper which actually fits in the jar.

SPECIAL: a video has been made of Amanda Dunsmore assembling a pot in TT99.
Follow this link to see it; the file is 212k in size and thus will take a few minutes to download. It lasts 26 seconds

Papyrus: Bridget Leach has arrived from England to continue the work she did last season (see her Report). Things are always much easier than on your first season, and Bridget gets into the swing of things very quickly (left).

Textiles: Julie continues her arduous task. Little by little that large textile is being smoothed out.

Dog diary: (new sub-feature). The puppies who featured first at the beginning of the week are now starting to venture forth a little. We're rather worried that they might fall through the grille into the 15m shaft, as well as disturbing our pottery. So a small wall is built to keep them away.

Pamela Rose has agreed to work in the afternoon on some pottery found by Mohamed el-Bialey, the General Director, in tomb 42 in the Valley of the Kings, probably that left behind by Howard Carter when he first discovered the tomb in the early years of this century. The tomb is nice, with a cartouche-shaped burial chamber, unfinished. The owner of the tomb is uncertain; it could be Thutmose II, queen Merytre Hatshepsut, or Sennefer, the mayor of Thebes. We all tag along to see the tomb and to look round the valley.

Friday 29 September

A day off is much appreciated after six day's work. Also today the clocks have changed in Egypt, going back one hour. So the team splits up for the day; Nigel, Helen and Julie go to check a few things in the tombs on the West Bank, while Pamela, Gillian and Amanda join Bridget in Luxor for a trip to Karnak, then returning for a swim in Bridget's hotel. There Julie joins them.

A couple of photos taken in the Sheikh Abdel Qurna area of the tombs of the Nobles

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