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labelThe Dig Diary 2001--Mog shots

Old Cat

The Witch

This old fellow has been around as long as we've been in Abul Kassem. In the mid 1990s he was the shape and size of a European cat, but he's getting older and thinner now. But he's still friendly and (mostly) polite at requesting food--you feel a paw gently on your leg as a reminder.

Mother of the next three we think. She's totally shameless and has to be kept off the table. Earns her nickname due to her horrible behaviour to her offspring. She growls and hits them frequently. Possibly pregnant at the moment, but we cannot decide.

Spotty cat


A tree cat. A little shy, and often rushing up trees to harass the sparrows.

This photo is a bit blurred but captures his most unusual way of sitting under benches. He's a fine-looking cat, and seems to be tolerated especially by Old Cat. Bats playfully at your hand when offered to him.


Rather elusive but very pretty cat with a black nose. Very shy.

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