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TT99: Digging the courtyard in 1996

This is from the first foray into the world of video at TT99. It shows various stages in the excavation of the courtyard, from the first day in the 1996 season to a week or so later. You can see how some men dig under our supervision, while others carry baskets of debris to the dump, where they are sieved.

This was filmed with my father's video 8 camera. The analogue video was converted to digital by the AV unit at the British Museum, whom I thank. The analogue original means that the quality is poorer than others on this site.

Most of these movies have no sound! If you can't view this movie, the chances are that you don't have Quicktime installed. Quicktime for Macintosh or Windows can be downloaded for free from

See this page for technical notes on how the movies were originally produced.

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