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These publications are those of members of the expedition itself with specific connection to the project. Follow this link to see general lists of scholarly or popular books about Theban tombs.

Our annual field reports are located on a separate Reports web page.

Formal publications of the project

Senneferi vol I: The New Kingdom

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Publications prior to present work

One of the attractions of working in TT99 was the fact that there are really no publications apart from sporadic ones. The main references are gathered in Porter and Moss, Topographical Bibliography I part 1 (2nd ed), 204-206.

The major material is a collection of the main texts of the tomb by the German Egyptologist Kurt Sethe, made in about 1905. These will be found in Urkunden IV, 528-44, translated into German by W.F. Reineke in the companion volume. Sethe's copies are not complete, and not always accurate, but remarkable since he was working while the tomb was still lived in, and without the benefits of the lighting now available to us. Sethe produced a study of the text relating to a trip to the Lebanon in Sitzungsberichte der königliche preussischen Akademie Berlin Phil.-Hist. Cl. 15 (1906), 359-60. There is also an article on this text by E. Eichler, 'Die Reisen des Senneferi (TT 99)', SAK 26 (1998), 215–28.

Otherwise, there are a few unpublished photographs taken by Siegfried Schott. One of these, of the Bes figure, was published by Bruyère in his Rapport sur les fouilles de Deir el-Médineh (1934-1935), pt. 3 fig. 39, seemingly with some strengthening of the outlines of the figure.

Publications relating to present work

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  • H. Behlmer, 'Streiflichter auf die christliche Besiedlung Thebens--Koptische ostraka aus dem Grab des Senneferi (TT 99)', Hallesche Beiträge zur Orientwissenshaft 36 (2003), 11-27.
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  • B. Haring, 'Halaham on an ostracon of the early New Kingdom', Journal of Near Eastern Studies 74 (2015), 189-196, also available on JSTOR.

The following deal in part with material from TT99:

  • J. Dawson, 'Conservation of the 'Tombs of the Nobles': aspects of the past, issues for the present', in N. Strudwick and J.H. Taylor (eds), The Theban Necropolis. Past, present and future (London, BMP 2003), 210-7.
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  • N. Strudwick, 'Preserving the Old with the New: priorities for Theban Tombs', in G.A. Belova and S.V. Ivanov (eds), Achievements and Problems of Modern Egyptology. Proceeding of the International Conference held in Moscow on September 29–October 2, 2009 (Moscow 2012), 370–385.
  • N. Strudwick, 'Use and re-use of tombs in the Theban necropolis: patterns and explanations', in J.C. Moreno Garcia (ed.), Elites et pouvoir en Egypte ancienne (CRIPEL 28 (2009–2010)), 239–261.
  • N. Strudwick, 'Ancient Robbery in Theban Tombs' in P.P. Creasman (ed.), Archaeological Research in the Valley of the Kings and Ancient Thebes. Papers presented in Honor of Richard H. Wilkinson (University of Arizona Egyptian Expedition, Wilkinson Egyptology Series I, Tucson 2013), 333–352.
  • N. Strudwick, 'Modern Robbery in Theban Tombs', Etudes et Travaux 26 (2013), 637–651 (Festschrift for Karol My?liwiec).

Summaries of each season appear annually in the reports of work in Egypt and the Sudan by J. Leclant and G. Leclerc in Orientalia as follows:

  • 1992 season: Orientalia 63 (1994), 422 (bb)
  • 1993 season: Orientalia 64 (1995), 297-8 (t), fig. 45
  • 1994 season: Orientalia 65 (1996), 304-5 (v)
  • 1995 season: Orientalia 66 (1997), 302-4 (w)
  • 1996 season: Orientalia 67 (1998), 388-9 (r)
  • 1997 season: Orientalia 68 (1999), 398-9 (y)
  • 1998 season: Orientalia 69 (2000), 284-6 (z) 
  • 1999 season: Orientalia 70 (2001), 431-2 (z), fig. 24



Finally, we cannot omit a small promotion for our general background book, Thebes in Egypt, published in the UK by British Museum Press, and in the USA by Cornell University Press! It is now regrettably out of print.

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