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The architecture of TT99

Front of TT99 in 1992
The courtyard, entrance, and facade of TT99 from the south in 1992

A picture speaks a thousand words, and a moderately complex monument like TT99 can be best understood with the use of diagrams accompanied by description. While you can click on the photograph above, I recommend that you move through each of the following links in sequence to get a better idea.

The first diagram should enable you to orientate yourself.
An annotated plan of the whole complex

The next screen introduces you to the parts of a tomb such as TT99.
A schematic diagram of a New Kingdom tomb

Now we shall look at the different parts of TT99. We start outside and above.
The facade and superstructure

Staying outside, we look at the flat area in front of the doorway.
The courtyard including the shafts in the courtyard

Now we look at the door itself
The door of the tomb

Now we go through the door.
The chapel including the shafts in the chapel


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