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The tomb of Senneferi is located in the hill of Sheikh abd el-Qurna, a prominent hill on the West Bank at Luxor, and famous for its private tombs.

Sheikh abd el Qurna with TT99 marked

Using Google Earth, we have estimated the latitude and longitude of the tomb approximately as follows:

Latitude: 25 degrees 43 min 53.52 secs N. Longitude: 32 degrees 36 min 25.73 secs E.

Type "N 25 43 53.52 E 32 36 25.73" into the Search Box in Google Earth to fly to TT99.

Try one of the following for more information:

  • To see where Sheikh abd el-Qurna is relative to everywhere else, click on the left-hand half of the picture above; you will see a map of the West Bank.
  • To see a series of photos leading up to the tomb, click to the right of the white line and tomb number.
  • To see a plan of the area around the tomb of Senneferi, click on the area of the white line and tomb number above.

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