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Three tombs in el-Khokha (TT294, 253, 254)


These three tombs were the subject of our work from 1984 to 1990. They are:

  • TT294: tomb of Amenhotep, overseer of the two granaries, approximately reign of Amenhotep II, about 1400 BC
  • TT253: tomb of Khnummose, scribe who counts the grain of Amun, perhaps reign of Amenhotep III, about 1350 BC
  • TT254: tomb of Amenmose, supervisor of the treasury, reign of Tutankhamun or Ay, about 1300 BC. A scene from this tomb is shown above; an almost complete set of pictures will be found by clicking on the picture above.

The work is now published: N. Strudwick, The Tombs of Amenhotep, Khnummose, and Amenmose (TT294, 253, and 254) Oxford 1996.


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